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μ-neo house


μ is a collaboration effort of artists, both musical and graphical, professional and amateur, to create "politically funny" musical and graphical (mainly album covers) works for the musics.

the origin and the history of μ

In the beginning of 2002, Muneo Suzuki (a Japanese Dietman), was accused of working on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to limit the bidding contractor to construct the "House of Friendship" (commonly known as 宗男ハウス or MUNEO House), a lodge in the Russian ruled parts of the Japanese Northern Territories.

That is the origin of the name, but the incident its self isn't that important.

People started to think the characters and the acts of the politicians, including Mr. Suzuki were very funny. On February 14th, some smart guy (who called himself Suzuki) went to 2ch, a massive BBS system and posted up a thread named 'ムネオハウス' (that's MUNEO House written in KATAKANA) within the TECHNO music category, and asked people if they can make house musics.

At first no one took this seriously, but then a song was released. February 21st became a turning point, for it was the day the song 'muneo house' was released. Since then, over 60 songs up to date has been released within the 30 day period.

As the time went by, people started to use the letter 'μ' to differentiate the movement from it's origin. Now people refer to this movement by writing 'ムネオハウス' (using the KATAKANA instead of KANJI), or 'μ'.

additional remark

Please note that μ is not a political movement. It's just plane joke, not towards the politicians but towards the political phenomenon that we see on TV. It's our way of making the gloomy news somewhat entertaining.

the musics

The music files (mp3) are distributed freely over the internet. They are not sold over the counter. If you want the albums, download the files from the mirrors below, burn the CDs, and printout the covers your self. Although we divide the songs into albums, the divisions are made to give a cue for the graphic artists to work on the album covers. There are no "official orders of tracks", and the closest thing is the suggested order which are printed on the album covers.

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